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About Vietnam

The natural beauty of Vietnam is breathtaking, and its cultural history is extensive. The nation's booming and quickly growing metropolises show the progress made forty years after the carnage and destruction of an era-defining conflict. The ancient commercial hubs of still-thriving craft industries, along with grand colonial homes from the French era, all of which may be observed from the sky bars of contemporary glass and steel high rises, contribute to Vietnam's attractiveness. If you have the money, Vietnam is also brazen. Exercise is required for some activities, such as riding up the breathtaking Hai Van Pass in central Vietnam. Some activities, like kitesurfing in the warm tropical waters off Mui Ne or mountain trekking in the evergreen slopes of Bac Ha or Sapa, call for even more perspiration. There is also plenty of horizontal "me" time to appreciate once your adrenaline fix has worn off. Vietnam has some of the top spas in the world, ranging from opulent treatment temples to modest, family-run massage parlours with affordable rates for travellers.

Vietnam offers experiences for every sense, from the quiet and majestic to the bizarre, moving, and even humorous. 

Travel to Vietnam

Despite a troubled past, Vietnam has recovered to become a popular tourist destination in South-East Asia. Vietnam's diverse landscapes and the friendly people—with their lovely tribal costumes and traditions—will welcome you with open arms and a sense of wonder. From stunning golden paddy fields and white-sand beaches to revered pagodas and limestone islands dotting the sea, from the labyrinthine cave networks to the rugged mountains.

Hanoi, the nation's capital, has kept its old-world charm despite an economic boom. The Old Quarter of this city is a genuine feast of mouthwatering food stalls, markets, and meandering passageways. Ho Chi Minh City has a more contemporary feel, but Hoi An, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has kept its charm despite the increase of visitors.

Vietnam will captivate you from every angle with its fascinating history, breathtaking landscape, delectable cuisine, and vibrant energy, from Ha Long Bay to the Mekong Delta via the beaches of Da Nang. A journey to Vietnam is like one you've never taken before because of the memorable experiences, diverse terrain, and delectable cuisine that are all part of the country.

Best Time to Visit Vietnam

Planning a trip to Vietnam can quickly become overwhelming. Finding the best time to visit Vietnam can be difficult because there are so many things to see and eat there.

We've all been there, but don't worry—look let's at when it's great to go to Vietnam and when it's best to stay away. Vietnam experiences year-round high humidity in a typical tropical monsoon climate. Three significant weather systems, however, have an impact on the nation because of variations in latitude and topography. Therefore, there is a huge difference in climate from one location to the next. Thus, the best time to visit Northern Vietnam is different from the best time to visit the Southern parts of the nation.

It can get rather mild in northern cities like Hanoi and the highland Sapa region. The Mekong Delta and Ho Chi Minh City, on the other hand, experience nearly constant hot and humid weather. Therefore, travelling to Vietnam in February, March, and April offers the highest chance of dry weather throughout, with temperatures not as high as they are during peak dry season, allowing you to see the finest of both the northern and southern sections of the nation. In brief:

  • Best time to visit Vietnam: From February to April
  • Climate: Tropical monsoon climate with significant humidity all year round
  • Average Annual Temperature: 21 to 23 degrees celsius
  • Off season: April to June and September to November

As the rainy season is at its height in January and from May to October, avoid travelling to Vietnam during these months. Additionally, conditions are typically cloudy and poor visibility.

When planning your itinerary and activities, it's a good idea to take the seasons into account if you want to make the most of your time in Vietnam and visit multiple locations. However, as was previously noted, travelling in the spring, from February to April, will give you the most flexibility in scheduling your trip and guarantee that you have the best weather imaginable. 

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