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About Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is known as the "island of serendipity" and is full of gorgeous landscapes, stirring mountains, boundless beeches, ageless ruins, warm-hearted people, entertaining trains, famous tea, and savoury food, all of which contribute to the island's incredibleness in its own unique ways. Get ready to take the next best images because the nation is full of stunning, inspirational natural, historic, and cultural locations. As elephants play a significant role in Sri Lankan culture, it is also well renowned for its elephant safari. Additionally, it has a wealth of natural beauties to offer. With our Sri Lanka Tour packages, you can simply enjoy your trip and make the most of this incredible location.


Best Time To Visit  Sri Lanka

The two monsoon seasons in Sri Lanka, which bring rain to the east coast and northern region between October and February and the west and south west coast from May to September, control the country's climate. The remainder of the year is dry and sunny, with temperatures remaining largely constant and averages of 25 to 30 degrees Celsius in coastal regions.

Its equatorial location means that temperatures are relatively constant throughout the year, but Sri Lanka's climate is still surprisingly complex. By the coast, it's usually warm and muggy, and as you go higher, it gets cooler. Accordingly, wherever you go, and regardless of when you decide to travel, you should have some pleasant weather. Discover this nation's splendour with our Sri Lanka vacation packages.

Generally speaking, the greatest time to travel is from December to April because this is the dry season in the well-known hill country and west and south coastal regions. A wonderful time of year to travel and enjoy the beaches is still between April and September, but only if you're ready for sudden spurts of rain.

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