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About Leh Ladakh

In India's Kashmir area, Ladakh is a union territory. Ladakh, which formerly belonged to the state of Jammu & Kashmir, became a union territory on October 31, 2019. Ladakh is a place unlike any other, stretching from the Siachen Glacier to the main Great Himalayas. Ladakh, the coldest desert on earth, is famed for its spectacular vistas.

Ladakh is a riot of complex murals and red-robed monks, with stunning Gompas (Tibetan Buddhist monasteries), fluttering prayer flags, whitewashed stupas, and more. According to legend, a man sitting in the sun with his feet in the shade can experience both sunstroke and frostbite at the same time only in Ladakh. The people of Ladakh are hospitable and inviting to travellers and share Tibetan cultural traits.

High-altitude trekking and rafting are popular activities in Ladakh. Keep in mind that Leh Ladakh cannot be reached by road outside of the summer. From about October to May, the route passes quite near each other, and the only way to get there is by plane. January through the end of February are the months for the Chadar trek along the ice Zanskar River.

Here is something that can be of use to those of us who are constantly confused about the distinction between these same locales, Leh and Ladakh. Leh and Kargil are the two districts that make up Ladakh. The former district contains the well-known town of "Leh," which is a popular tourist destination due to the lovely monasteries surrounding, the Shanti Stupa, the cafes, and the Leh Bazaar, which characterise the local culture.


Best Time To Visit Leh Ladakh

The best time to travel to Leh Ladakh is from the end of May to the middle of July since during this time both the Srinagar-Leh Highway and the Leh-Manali Highway are open. Additionally, there is a lot of snow, particularly on the Leh-Manali highway. From the middle of September through October, when Ladakh is at its most gorgeous, is another great time to visit Leh Ladakh. Because there are less travellers during this period, it is also possible to receive good deals.

It is best to stay away from Leh Ladakh from the end of July to the beginning of August during the monsoon since the area is vulnerable to landslides. Additionally, the highways from Srinagar to Leh and from Leh to Manali are covered in sludge, making travel extremely dangerous.

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