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About Egypt

One of the oldest nations on the planet is Egypt, officially known as the Arab Republic of Egypt. The nation has developed into a tourism hotspot, offering two enormous coastlines and the iconic pyramids. Egypt was formerly referred to as the "Cradle of Civilization" for its advanced civilisation established along the banks of the lush Nile River.

Given that Egyptian civilization has a history that dates back to over 8000 BC, both historians and tourists who are interested in history should visit this fascinating country. The nation's extensive and rich cultural heritage has survived decades of modernization and foreign influence, ensuring it remains one of the most diverse holiday spots for serious travellers.

Egypt tourism has increased over the past few years due to these factors. A lot is available. A day at the beach, a trip back in time with the historical sites, or the vibrant nightlife in various cities are all options. But one thing is certain—you won't get bored. 

There are attractions for every traveller in Egypt. You may learn to deep-sea dive or take a trip of the Nile to take in some of nature's grandeur. There's a lot to choose from for history enthusiasts. When planning your Egypt excursions, don't forget to add a visit to the Abu Simbel and Giza Pyramids, both of which include enormous rock sculptures of historic pharaohs.

The Museum of Ancient Egypt is another popular destination for tourists visiting Egypt. This structure houses the largest collection of pharaonic artefacts in existence. The Great Sphinx, which has been made famous over the years by films and books, draws throngs of tourists every year. Nobody is entirely certain who constructed the Sphinx or why.

Best Time To Visit Egypt

Anytime of the year, tourists can visit Egypt. Winter, from October through April, when temperatures are lower, is the ideal season to travel to Egypt. December and January are the busiest months for tourists. Make sure you prepare ahead because Egypt's tourism industry is booming right now. If you want to avoid the crowds, you should visit Egypt in March, April, or September. The greatest time to enjoy water sports like swimming, scuba diving, and snorkelling is during the daytime when the weather can be pretty good.

Despite this, Egypt frequently experiences extreme temperatures. Summertime can be extremely hot, especially when wintertime lows are between 33 and 21 degrees. Between May and August, Egypt has its summer, with maximum temperatures of about 36 degrees and minimum temperatures of about 23 degrees. Therefore, make sure you have enough of sunscreen, sunglasses, and water bottles with you.

Make sure you have a light jacket with you because the winter months (October to February) in Cairo and the Nile Delta Region can be extremely chilly, especially at night. Even in the winter, southern Egypt is warm. The temperature could fall, though, in the evening. The ideal time to visit Egypt is in the winter. Plan beforehand because Egypt's tourism is flourishing right now or you might have trouble finding accommodations and end up paying extra for your flight.

A wonderful time to visit Egypt is in March, April, or September. The greatest time to enjoy sunbathing at the Red Sea and other water sports like snorkelling and swimming is during the daytime, when the weather can be rather good. Egypt offers year-round scuba diving opportunities.

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