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About Bhutan

Bhutan—the "country of thunderbolt"—continues to rank among the most breathtaking travel places on earth; it is not a typical location. The traditional Buddhist culture there gently welcomes the advancement of the world in a place wrapped in mystery and enchantment. Bhutan offers a wide variety of sights, sounds, and experiences, and it is full of surprises. Forts, monasteries, trekking locations, and retail districts are just a few of the many attractions that are undoubtedly worthwhile. With the help of our Bhutan Tour packages, explore it.


Best Time To Visit Bhutan

The monsoon season, which lasts from June to August, is quite wet, however Bhutan's weather varies greatly depending on elevation. The ideal season for incredible trekking is spring (march to may), which can be damp but is when the birds are singing and the wildflowers are in bloom.

Winter (December to February) is a photographer's dream with heavy layers of snow, although road closures are regular and temperatures can drop below zero at night. Autumn (September to November) is less rainy and clearer.

Bhutan's coldest month is December, but despite this, the skies are incredibly beautiful and clear, the valleys are sunny, and the vistas of the Himalayas are far and wide. Those who can withstand the cold will find it well worth it. Embrace its beauty by booking one of our Bhutan travel packages.

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